We know that the future lies in the hands of our youth. How this future plays out depends on the opportunities afforded to them. Higher education can be the vehicle that drives them to succeed.

Our company, Prep U4 Success, an Independent Educational Consulting Company, located right here in Wilmington, NC, helps our youth to identify, discover and work towards realizing those dreams of a college education.

Our step-by-step group workshops for parents and students prepare them to navigate the college admissions process successfully. You may wonder why group workshops? In a group setting another parent may ask a question you wouldn’t have even thought of to ask but now benefit from hearing the answer.

There is a sense of security being amongst parents that are in a similar situation and are searching for the same answers. We offer encouraging key information and requirements by career, as well as showcasing success stories from kids like them.

We also look forward to reaching out to the under represented youths through local organizations, youth groups, diversity groups as well as congregations, local not-for-profit groups and more.

One of our community service “give back programs” here at Prep U4 Success is to donate a portion of our fee to New Hanover County’s Nourish NC (NourishNC.org) a not-for-profit program that feeds school children in need, empowering them to succeed in their classroom and their communities.

It’s all about the Prep… Let us Prep the Youth of North Carolina.