Right now you’re probably asking yourself where do you begin? 

Our answer is simply this …. you call Prep U4 Success to schedule a free phone consultation to learn about how attending one of our workshops will supply you with the answers you are looking for to gain knowledge and control of the college admissions process.

During this phone consultation, we will discuss specifics such as:

  • What grade is your student in?
  • Have they been working with their school counselor successfully?
  • Have they taken any standardized tests?
  • Do they have a specific college they are interested in attending?
  • Are they comfortable in writing the college application essay?
  • Do they need guidance on how to attain letters of recommendation?
  • How comfortable are you in understanding financial aid options and offers?

These questions allow us to learn more about your students’ academic profile and determine the areas of our workshop that will benefit you in order to complete the college admissions process successfully.

Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you in less then 24 hours to schedule a phone consultation.